Discover the magic of being the only guests in the entire Dimora Ghirlandaio hamlet, the haven and home of the famous artist Domenico Ghirlandaio. As one of Lorenzo de’ Medici’s favorite painters and the official portrait artist for many noble Florentine families, Ghirlandaio found solace here in the 15th and 16th centuries. Today, Dimora Ghirlandaio shines anew, restored to its former glory through the meticulous efforts of the Cecchi family, proud custodians of this historic hamlet since 2010. This extraordinary transformation blends the allure of bygone eras with modern comforts, offering guests a truly exceptional and authentic getaway. Now available for exclusive use only, this enchanting hamlet beckons, promising its guests unparalleled luxury private stays in Tuscany.


Nestled in one of the most captivating spots on the Florentine hills, Dimora Ghirlandaio offers breathtaking views of Florence, a gentle climate, and serene natural beauty. This unique Tuscan hamlet, cherished by the Ghirlandaio family as a refuge from city life and a place of inspiration for artistic creation, still preserves its Renaissance fascination. Enhanced by modern comforts, it provides a lavish setting where to spend your Tuscan holiday amidst the historic villas and gardens once frequented by great artists.


One of the hidden gems of Dimora Ghirlandaio is the Cappella Ghirlandaio, a chapel dedicated to the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin. Originally built for the family’s private use, the chapel is adorned with stunning frescos by Ridolfo Ghirlandaio, the most renowned of Domenico’s children. In homage to his family, Ridolfo included their portraits in frescos painted around 1518, with the central piece featuring a Madonna and Child. These frescos stand as a testament to the exquisite art of the Ghirlandaio family and the significant prestige they held in Medici-era Florence.


Meticulously restored to honor their Renaissance heritage, Dimora Ghirlandaio’s accommodations offer a unique journey through time while providing modern comforts and high standard services. The Villa, a stately manor, boasts a graceful façade overlooking an Italian garden, offering five double bedrooms, including one in the ancient dovecote, with fascinating views of Florence. La Fattoria, originally a 16th-century villa, exudes understated elegance with four rooms and exclusive access to the Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Oil Mill (Frantoio) preserves the charm of the estate’s ancient mill, featuring spacious living areas and three bedrooms, while La Bottega retains its rustic allure with characteristic arches and two double bedrooms, complemented by a private garden. Lastly, The Studio provides a serene retreat surrounded by lush greenery, with four bedrooms spread over three levels and a private garden for tranquil moments. Each accommodation offers a unique blend of history and sophistication, promising an unforgettable stay amidst Dimora Ghirlandaio’s timeless beauty.


Dimora Ghirlandaio offers its guests the unique opportunity to create tailor-made experiences according to their needs. Among the proposed activities are painting lessons and sculpture classes hosted at the Dimora. Under the guidance of professional teachers, guests can delve into their artistic expressions, drawing inspiration from the artist’s residence and the allure of the Tuscan countryside, adorned with enchanting vistas of the Chianti hills. Additionally, guests can embark on guided tours of Florence’s renowned museums, such as the Uffizi Gallery, Accademia Gallery, and the Florence Cathedral, to experience firsthand world-famous works of art, including masterpieces by Botticelli, Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci. Dimora Ghirlandaio provides also personalized tours to visit the Galleria Continua in San Gimignano. In the town’s winding, historic streets, visitors will find one of the world’s leading contemporary art galleries, founded in 1990 and now a hidden gem in an unexpected setting.

Dimora Ghirlandaio is not just a place to stay, it’s a journey into the heart of the Renaissance and an immersion into an artistic legacy that continues to inspire. From the accurately restored accommodations to the exclusive, tailor-made experiences, guests are invited to embrace the profound cultural heritage of this historic estate. Whether it’s through engaging in art classes, exploring the masterpieces of Florence, or discovering contemporary art in San Gimignano, every moment at Dimora Ghirlandaio is designed to elevate your stay in Tuscany to the next level of excellence.

Our concierge is devoted to organize exceptional experiences that cater to your desires, ensuring a memorable journey steeped in history, beauty, and unparalleled elegance.

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